Our Promise

  1. We Promise to be honest and ethical in all our dealings.
  2. We Promise to declare any interest which we, as an individual or as a firm, have in respect of the sale or purchase of any property.
  3. We Promise that all offers received on a property we are marketing will be put forward in writing to the seller.
  4. We Promise we will confirm our fees and commission rates, charges and terms of business in writing.
  5. We Promise to maintain all deposits or clients monies in a separate account to our firm's accounts and not use client monies for any other purpose.
  6. We Promise to comply with all regulations legally enforceable for the business of Estate Agency.
  7. We Promise we will not mislead prospective buyers by misdescribing property we are selling and will comply with Consumer Protection Regulations.
  8. We Promise to provide our customers with a formal complaints procedure on request.
  9. We Promise to comply with all new and current legislation and keep our staff advised and trained in that respect.
  10. We Promise to treat everyone we employ or deal with on equal terms.